FINRA has investor education materials such as BrokerCheck, which provides insight into firms and financial advisors.


Build true wealth, contentment and your financial future

Veritas offers a full range of financial planning, asset management, insurance and investment advice. Best of all, we combine these elements in a  holistic approach that  helps minimize risks as you build your future.

Asset Management

Successful investing means capturing risks that generate expected return and reducing risks that do not. Avoidable risks include holding too few securities, betting on countries or industries, following market predictions, and speculating on “information” from rating services. To all these, diversification is the antidote. It washes away the random fortunes of individual stocks and positions your portfolio to capture the returns of broad economic forces. Our approach also replaces the stress and confusion of investing with a clear and empirical approach to wealth management. 

Cash Flow Analysis

With the possible exception of clients who own well-run businesses, a common frustration shared by clients is, “I just don’t know where all our money goes!” Veritas advisors help clear the confusion and restore control. But before we ever begin advising about where resources and cash surpluses should be allocated, you can count on the fact that we understand where you are in this chapter of life and the demands and expectations associated with your cash flow.

Budget Management

It doesn’t matter how affluent a client is or how high an income there is, everyone operates within limited resources. We help clients create an accountable and well-thought-out-approach to creating and maintaining a budget or spending plan.

Risk Assessment

Unless you manage life’s risks, they can erode not just your plans and your wealth, but your dreams. We factor risk management into both wealth building and financial planning to help protect our clients should they experience challenges like these: disability, a major lawsuit, volatile market conditions, premature death, inflation, excessive costs for estate wealth transfer, and taxes. We also help clients deal with the worst threat of all: lack of awareness about risks or the pride that they “know it all” and are safe.

Investment Assessment

  • Investment stress-testing
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Portfolio efficiency

Investment Services

  • Securities
  • Brokerage Accounts — Access to over 500 Load and No-Load funds
  • Load and No-Load Mutual Funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Margin Accounts
  • Option Accounts
  • Managed Account Programs
  • Annuities — Variable — Fixed — Equity Indexed
  • 401-K/Profit Sharing Plans and Defined Benefit Plans


    1. Life Insurance
      • Whole Life — Access to the top 250 highest rated companies
      • Universal Life — Access to multiple product lines
      • Term Life — Graded or level premium
      • Survivorship Life — Noncancellable and Guaranteed Premiums
      • Variable Life
    2. Disability Insurance
      • Individual — Own occupation definitions for disability
      • Multi Life
      • Overhead Expense — Level premiums
      • Business Disability Buy-Out Insurance — Noncancellable and Guaranteed Premiums
      • Retirement Protection Plus
      • Business Reducing Term
    3. Long Term Care*
      • Qualified — Exemplary rated financial firms for Long Term Care
      • Non Qualified — Access to over 25 carriers
      • Group — Wide array of plan features and benefits
    4. Employer Group Benefits
      • Health — Our servicing companies specialize in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey
      • Dental
      • Life, Retirement and Pension Planning

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