Our Approach

Build and Protect True Wealth

At Veritas Strategies, we approach financial planning holistically using Biblical values not only to build true wealth – however you define it – but to help you protect that wealth and your financial future through all the changing chapters of your life.

The Veritas Approach at a Glance:

  •  HOLISTIC: Investing is only part of the Veritas approach.

    Unlike investment only bankers, we weave together investments plus tools for cash flow, tax efficiency, business buy-sell agreements, estate planning, income protection, insurance, and other risk management tools. This holistic approach lets you build true wealth while also helping to protect it from being wiped out by an unexpected lawsuit, economic downturn, divorce, sudden disability, or other challenges. Veritas Strategies is an authorized user of eMoney's emX® financial planning platform, an electronic wealth organizational platform that provides a wide-angle view of your financial world and enables us to stress test your current financial approach. Learn More about eMoney

  •  VALUES-DRIVEN: We combine numbers-driven planning with values important to you.

    Since money is only a tool, we define wealth in terms of how you’d like to live, what you’d like to accomplish and experience, and what dreams you’d like to pursue. Once we know your definition of true wealth, we use Biblical values such as freedom from debt, generosity, responsibility, and experiencing complete contentment today to create the plan that will help maximize your financial future. It will also free you and your spouse to enjoy a new relationship, because an important part of the Veritas approach is getting partners (including business partners) on the same page about finances and goals so you can work together to achieve bigger dreams, faster. Watch our Webinar: The Power of Investing to Change the World

  •  NO EXOTIC SCHEMES: We avoid the excesses that triggered the market crash.

    At Veritas Strategies, we emphasize the same financial tenets that have been around since Biblical times: discipline, securing your family, looking ahead, saving, and giving back. While this might sound unglamorous and old-fashioned, it was new-fashioned financial strategies like leveraging debt, maintaining poor reservesand chasing returns that triggered the market crash and wiped out so many portfolios, retirement accounts, and dreams. We offer a variety of investment vehicles and wealth-building strategies, and we use these tools in ways to keep our strategies relevant and effective as the economy, markets, and your needs continue to evolve.

  •  EASY ACCESS TO ALL YOUR “LIFE” DOCUMENTS: We put you in control.

    Veritas Strategies functions as your full-service advisor for investments, asset management, retirement accounts, insurance, estate planning, and risk management. In addition, we give you access to eMoney's emX® – a life management tool that includes important organizational functionality. You’ll have secure access to documentation on all your current investments, plans, policies, and records. You’ll always know what’s what and how to put your hands on what you need at a moment’s notice.

  •  RIGOROUS ASSESSMENT, NOT CONTINUOUS TRADING: Veritas takes a calm, structured approach to wealth-building.

    In contrast, many other investment professionals use what they call ‘active management’. This is another way to say that they do a great deal of trading trying to keep up with every fluctuation in the market. Unfortunately, all this trading – and the paperwork, commissions, trading costs and involvement it generates for you – doesn't build wealth faster. Veritas Strategies is different. We use a structured approach that trades your portfolio less often because we assess it in far more depth and with far more rigorous analysis of what’s likely to happen in the months ahead. The result is a calmer experience for you.

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