Our Process: Comprehensive Planning

Our comprehensive planning process focuses on what you value

With Veritas Strategies, you’ll develop a financial plan that is uniquely yours – driven by your own values, priorities, and needs and designed to maximize your own financial and personal strengths. Here is how we go about creating each plan.

  1. Veritas does not charge upfront fees. The many hours we spend working with you are compensated by assets-under-management and/or commissions from any insurance or investment options you may purchase in executing your plan. Unlike insurance brokers or investment advisors who may be limited in their recommendations, Veritas is free to create plans that incorporate different financial vehicles and risk-management solutions. “Veritas” means truth. Our process is deeply rooted in honesty and in finding the absolute best means for replacing stress and confusion with a clear vision of your future, and giving you the tools and guidance to get there.
  2. We collect information and ask questions. We look deeply into your current financial situation, cash flow, assets, liabilities, desires, and your values. We’ll create a personal financial model for you that we will use to store, track and access your financial plan, policies, accounts and investments.
  3. We conduct a thorough risk assessment. We identify any financial "weaknesses in the armor" or "gaps" that could potentially jeopardize your financial future. This also includes looking ahead and determining what kind of protections should be in place should you ever face an unexpected job loss, an economic downturn, divorce, disability, lawsuit, business separation, or other challenge.
  4. We build a plan that’s aligned with today’s environment and your values. Your Veritas plan will focus on how you define true wealth. It can be “just having enough” to free yourself from financial worry, or it can be having the resources to travel, provide quality educations for your children or grandchildren, retire in style, start a business, be wildly generous, or pursue new dreams. No matter what goals and needs you have, your plan will map out long-range wealth-building strategies, plus immediate steps you can take to feel more free and less stressed about expenses and vulnerabilities today.
  5. We walk with you through the year, helping you put your plan into action. Day by day, you can rely on Veritas Strategies to keep you on course and focused on achieving each new milestone. If questions arise – about anything from credit or refinancing your home to a new investment opportunity, we’re here to provide advice. We’ll touch base during the year and conduct a thorough annual review to update your plan to align with any changes in the economy or your own situation, needs and dreams.